End of the World, What Do You Think?

While I do not normally condone or support the fraudulent actions of The Most Holy Family Monastery, or the Dimond Brothers, as the 2nd video will explain. They do a lot of research, and I found this extremely interesting and would enjoy any moderate discussion in the comments section. It is long but it makes a lot of sense and deserves to be passed along. Let us remember the Dimond Brothers while they may have a lot of time and people’s money to donate to researching all these things; they still do not have Apostolic Authority, nor do they speak on behalf of the Church. They are laymen who being strong in one area severely lack charity and honesty in their dealings, and have mislead thousands of Catholics. Please view, comment, and recommend these two videos to anyone you’d like. As well the best thing we can do as Catholics is continue to get only valid sacraments where and if we can, and to pray the rosary and take refuge in our Mother as much as we can. Thank you and God Bless.


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